Friday, April 15, 2016

Land Marks

Scotland Barnes
Bony Landmarks of the Human Figure
Spine landmarks: cervical vertebra #7, thoracic vertebra #12, sacrum,
Pelvis landmarks: ilium, posterior superior iliac spine pubic symphysis
Ribcage landmarks: supersternal notch, infrasternal notch, low point of rib #10.
Scapula: acromion process, (the bony point of the shoulder), spine of the scapula, , inferior angle of the scapula.
The femur, great trochanter , Visible and palpable on either side of the knee are the condyles of the femur.
Tibia landmarks : medial condyle, medial malleolus.
Fibula landmark : the head, at the superior end, lateral malleolus, kneecap.
Humerus : the medial and lateral epicondyles.
The hyoid bone forms the corner of the neck..
Foot bones include : the head of metatarsal #1, metatarsal #5, calcaneus, (heel bone).
Bones of the hand landmarks include : the heads of metacarpals #2 and #5.
The skull has two landmarks useful for drawing the whole figure: the chin, occipital protuberance, a little projection of bone at the base of the skull.

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